Products Products The Endurance of Pleasing God A journey of pleasing God despite of what man say or do. We should live a life of pleasing God only. This book describes how I came out of tradition and started a live of Pleasing God in everything I do. 181785115 Chastisement through the Love of God This groundbreaking message will open your eyes to the truth about chastisement. Whether you are new to the faith of have been doing great things for God's kingdom for years, you still will be chastised. Chastisement is not that you are being picked on, but picked out to do the work God has called you to do. 181785114 The Power of a True Intercessor Prophetess Williams uses her own experiences where God has molded and shaped her prayer life and positioned her into a place of spiritual warfare. When asked, Williams eluded that, ?Spiritual Warfare is what happens when the Spirit-filled believer wages war on the enemy of his soul. Prayer is the most potent tool that mankind has in order to successfully battle Satan.? Intercessory prayer takes that same concept to the next level. Intercessory prayer is when God uses the Spirit-filled believer to go into the enemy?s camp and recover everything that God has promised to another person. In her book, Prophetess Williams seeks to fulfill the will of God by perfecting (maturing) the saints and to edifying the body (the Church) by depositing this spiritual knowledge so that God?s people can realize their greatest potential. 181785113